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23rd April 2010 |

How to be having more leads from desperate sellers than you know how to handle on your local patch!

Find out from those doing it day in day out - who have 20 years experience between them - Join us for our "Distressed Deals and Leads MasterClass"!

Would you like to be financially free by sourcing your own deals in your own area within 12 months?

Here's what we will show you!

  1. How the correct template for your newspaper advert can increase response rates from 1 to 10% which can be the difference in £100,000 of equity!
  2. How to have the correct power team - access to our power teams in Scotland and England - lawyers, brokers, distributors, managing agents and marketing outlets!
  3. How to make the vendor always choose you over any of your competitors!
  4. The best way to advertise online saving you thousands per year!
  5. Live negotiations with vendors!
  6. How to always negotiate a win win situation for vendor and buyer
  7. How to be converting as many deals as you can handle!
  8. What to do with excess leads in your area to make money from them!
  9. How to take control of the property without taking a mortgage!
  10. Why many so called experts are giving the wrong advice!
  11. How to do Property Options properly - to suit both parties!
  12. What are the 4 vital things to have when you go and see a prospective vendor!
  13. Join our team as a full time sourcer going forward.

And much, much more!

What we can offer?

One day training course with our Experts giving the full course - giving all the above!

An optional full day on the ground with one of our team to suit you

Access to our full tool box - what's required when you go out to see any vendor!

Unlimited email and telephone access with your very own Sourcing Manager for the next 12 months

Follow what our team do and we can guarantee you will source deals giving over £100,000 of equity and up to £500,000 over the next 12 months!

So what have the guys achieved who will be doing the training?

I see some people offering training courses who haven't achieved much themselves - well our team I would suggest have as much proven and consistent experience as anyone - and that is why they work with us! These guys have made their money through buying properties, and sourcing low money down deals - and they do this day in day out.

One of our top sourcers, who will be giving some of the training on the day:

Dan Morgan

"Since a young age I always wanted to be involved in business and although felt this goal was achievable never really understood how to start my business carrier. I come from a working class background in Swansea with no one in my close family interested in business or pushing me and my peers to study hard and get a "safe" job outside of our local area.

I've always thought "outside the box" and enjoyed finding my own way of doing things rather than following the norm my peers took.

Now at the age of 26, I run a property trading company which is on target to hit a £2.5m turnover in 2010 supporting a team of 7 including myself, my office staff and property finders generating over 70 leads per week throughout Wales.

My company sourced over £6m worth of property in 2009 and helped investors achieve over £1.5m in equity with positive cash flow.

I've been through the lows and highs of this market and have learnt some lessons along the way.

My key to success has been to streamline the whole investor buying process by focussing on a geographic market with a "think global act local" strategy rather than being temped to branch into National sales.

My local business interests now include Property Sourcing, Investing, Finance & Estate Agency and by keeping a focus on property I've been very successful in maintaining a large personal portfolio and business throughout a difficult economic climate."

Another of our top sourcers - and probably the most consistent sourcer in Scotland is Richard...

Richard Thomson

33 years old, born in Perth, Scotland.

"Enjoyed school but throughout sports and football in particular were always my main focus.

Left school at 17 and joined my local team Dundee United as a trainee professional.

After 3 years striving to make the first team and despite being offered a further years contract took the decision pursue a degree in Pharmacology at Glasgow University.

Graduated with a 2.1 but soon realised my options in the field were somewhat limited without further study ie PHD and after 4 years struggling as a student was keen to get earning money and paying of my debts as soon as possible.

Moved to Nottingham and worked in home improvement sales for a year which while the money was good never really provided much job satisfaction.

It was while living in Nottingham I read Rich Dad Poor Dad and decided that would like to explore other business opportunities where I could generate a residual income. Once back in Scotland and in conjunction with Alan I began sourcing high yielding BTL properties throughout Scotland.

I started advertising in papers (local and national) in 2004 and doing leaflet drops throughout the country looking for motivated sellers. I remember one of my first calls was from a couple in Aberdeen who wanted to stay on and rent property back. Property valued at 100k and they said could only afford 350 a month so I offered them 70k and they accepted. Bought this property and immediately re-mortgaged at 85% LTV giving me a cashback of 12k from the deal.

Since that day I've never looked back - and while there have been plenty of challenges along the way - I don't know of another business where you can make such fantastic returns without requiring a large amount of cash to start investing.

Currently I have 3 core businesses in Lettings managing over 100 properties in the east of Scotland, Sourcing BMV Deals for Investors and managing my own 3 million portfolio."

Would you like to be in Dan or Richard's position inside 12-24 months? You can learn from these mentors, and fast track your way to a successful property career!

Ok sounds good, when is it, and how much is it?

Well considering the average sourcing fee for a property sourced 20-25% below market value is around £3000 and we will show you, on a One to One basis, how to source 10-20 of these over the next year in your local area - you could say the value of this course is between £30-60,000 over the year!

And with the amount of equity being an average of £25,000 in each one - then this would be giving you anything from £250-500,000 of equity in year one alone!

Our team has a wealth of experience - and they are continuing to source huge numbers of deals in their local areas, so you will not learn from a better team of experts!

This event will be held on 22nd May 2010 at Novotel Heathrow from 9-6pm and lunch will be included - spaces will be limited to allow One to One coaching - this will be very much hands on coaching, as our Experts show you how they consistently pull in huge numbers of leads on a weekly basis.

Less than the cost of One Sourcing fee!

We are going to launch this not for £10,000, or even £5000 - but just £1497 + VAT, and for the first 10 that sign up - we will offer this full training for just £750 + VAT!

These spaces will get snapped up quickly - we already have 4 investors pre booked! so book your place straight away by leaving your details here!

Remember you will learn:

How to make property your full time career!

Buy as many properties as you can in your local area!

Sell on other leads or packaged deals to other investors!

Secure properties on Options, without requiring mortgages!

Secure you and your families financial future in a short space of time!

Learn how to work with us as a full time sourcer!

Yes, please sign me up at one of the reduced prices now, before I am too late!

Sign up straight away, and you will be emailed all the details. If you would like to discuss this before booking, do not hesitate to call the office on 0115 985 3963 and speak to myself or one of the Portfolio Managers who will advise further!

We really look forward to seeing you on the weekend, and helping shape your financial future - just think where you can be in 12 months time, by following our team's continued success!

Best Regards


PS, remember we only have 10 spaces at the reduced price, and 6 have already been snapped up! This will be the only time we shall run this during 2010 - so do not miss out on learning from the best sourcers in the UK on a One to One basis!


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