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Munich Expo 2007 - what will it tell us about residential investment strategies?
Here we are in Munich Expo 2007 – one of the biggest commercial property events of the year, with a focus on central Eastern Europe and apparently 20,000 city locations covered with exhibitors from 40 different countries.

So, what are we here for?

Well, despite Property Secrets's interest in residential property, it is worth knowing and understanding what is happening in the commercial property world as it will have a big impact on property values and where we aim to invest.

Put it another way, it is about following the money! Where today’s office block goes, tomorrow’s jobs will be created and that’s where we’ll see growing middle class populations who want to buy or rent modern apartments and homes.

For us, the most interesting aspect of this show is the structure of the forums which are mainly an examination of CEE property markets.

Often, the most interesting thing is not what is said from the platform – but just the size of the interest from the audience.

In 2006 we saw interest in the German real estate market switch from foreign investors to local investors (spotted by the reduction in the number of people in the audience who need the translation headsets).

We’re expecting to pick more unusual insights and hints about the trends in our key emerging markets and we’ve also got the brief to look outside CEE to see if we really should be looking at any other markets – Qatar for instance? Or even Malaysia?

And of course, who has the biggest stand? Will it be Warsaw?

Watch this space over the next couple of hours….and the next two days.

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Neil LewisNeil Lewis, publisher and and founder of Property Secrets , is an experienced property investor in his own right and co-author of two highly successful property investment books, Buy To Let Secrets and Property Developer Secrets.

Neil regularly speaks at conferences and property shows across Europe, and is often interviewed by journalists for his insightful views into international property investment which he writes about on property crumble and other forms of direct investment such as business angel investing.

His business background is from media and publishing consultancy to a wide range of industries such as Finance, Music, Travel, Economics and Politics before setting up Visium Group (then JoJaffa) in 1999. Neil studied Philosophy and speaks German, Spanish and a lot of English.


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