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New survey reveals UK buy to let landlords' outlook

A new survey of 523 UK buy to let landlords has been carried out by leading buy to let mortgage broker The Money Centre and reveals their attitudes to the UK property market and investment over the next few years.

In what is probably the first independent survey of landlords on Sale and Rent Backs as an investment option, it appears that this is not a widely used - or even known - tactic.

The Results

1. Currently what is more important to you - the rental yield or capital growth?
50% said rental yield, 50% said capital growth

2. In the future which do you expect will be more important to you?
58% said capital growth, 42% rental yield

3. How easy have you found finding appropriate tenants?
63% said very easy / fairly easy, only 37% stated either difficult or neither easy or difficult

4. Are you currently selling any of your existing buy-to-let property?
82% said no, 13% said yes, 5% said don't know

5. Are you currently buying any further buy-to-let property?
16% said yes (it is worth noting that people with 5-19 properties was 32% and 20 plus properties was 40% to yes currently buying)

6. How interested would you be in purchasing repossessions?
58% said very interested/interested - 10% said had already done so

7. For how much longer do you expect to stay involved in buy-to-let?
46% said between 5 and 20 years, 21% said indefinitely

8. Before this survey had you heard of or participated in SARB (Sale and rent back)?
5% said yes, 46% said yes but no SARBS in their portfolio and 49% said not familiar with SARBs

9. How many SARB's do you have in your portfolio?
26% said 1, 22% said 3, 15% said between 5 and 9, 11% said between 10 and 19 and 7% said 20 plus properties

10. I worry that SARBS might be used by unscrupulous landlords?
37% said agreed, 21% said strongly agree, 14% said disagree or strongly disagree

11. SARBS perform a useful function for both home owners and landlords?
46% said strongly agree or agree, 25% said disagree or strongly disagree

12. SARBS will need careful regulation to prevent misuse?
64% said strongly agree or agree, 11% said strongly disagree or disagree

13. I am clear on best practice for landlords in the area of SARBS?
24% said strongly agree or agree, 44% said disagree or strongly disagree

14. I plan to increase the number of SARBS in my portfolio?
19% said strongly agree or agree, 37% said strongly disagree or disagree

15. SARBS have been the subject of too much negative publicity?
34% said strongly agree or agree, 29% said strongly disagree or disagree

16. I would not consider entering the SARB sector, it's too risky for me?
47% strongly agreed or agreed, 22% strongly disagreed or disagreed

17. I need further guidance around the SARB sector before considering it?
59% strongly agreed or agreed, 14% strongly disagreed or disagreed

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