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Global investors home in on the USA

  • US house prices set to rise 5.7% (CoreLogic)
  • US is 4th cheapest country for property (OECD)
  • New Transhudson Apartments - Williston Heights from just $150,945 (NDD Group)

Three factors are key in influencing international property investors' decisions regarding the country in which they wish to invest:

1. Price point of the properties

2. Scope for capital gains 

3. Potential for strong yields

When these three factors are in alignment, investors know they can make some serious money from the opportunity in front of them and right now it is the US that is attracting their attention.

Property prices within the US have enjoyed a fair amount of fluctuation over the past decade. Despite recent rises, due to sufficiently low prices, the US was included in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) study on countries where property is cheapest. The study used a price-to-income index, which included consideration of salaries, house prices and historical averages. It placed the US as the fourth of the countries where property is cheapest.

Growth potential in the US is also good, with CoreLogic's Home Price Index projecting a 5.7% increase in US home prices in the year to July 2015. Robert Gavin, Group CEO of specialist accommodation developer  NDD Group, comments, "The US is definitely the place to be in terms of property investment at present. You have to pick your area carefully, but knowing where to invest can lead to some extremely impressive returns. Here in Williston, North Dakota for example, median home values have increased by almost 200% in the last five years according to the latest figures."

Gavin is referring to the figures from City-Data, which highlight how rapidly North Dakota's accommodation is going up in price as a result of the tens of thousands of workers the state is attracting to its oilfields in pursuit of lucrative careers. His own company is one of the leading developers at work within the state, with both the Transhudson Hotel - Parshall (available for investment from $89,950) and the Transhudson Apartments - Williston Heights (investment from $150,945) attracting considerable attention from property investors around the globe.


"I'm particularly excited to be presenting the Transhudson Apartments - Williston Heights to the market," Gavin continues. "The yields are fantastic - up to 11.29% assured net rental income per year. It means that investors from all over the world can be a part of the phenomenal situation here in North Dakota. At the same time, we are setting new standards in workforce accommodation, which is something that I'm proud to be at the forefront of."

This combination of low prices, excellent capital growth potential and strong yields is just what investors are after and North Dakota is one of the US's property hotspots as a result. NDD Group's investors are from 35 different countries, showcasing just how global the state's appeal really is. With those in the know predicting the North Dakota oil play will last well into the next century, this figure looks set to rise even further over the months and years ahead.

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