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Property Development History in Miami Florida

When it comes to the property development history in Miami, Florida, the history is rich. There have been many activities that occurred, allowing the city to build along the Miami River. It is now a very famous city, but it got its starts over 10,000 years ago.

In the Beginning

From the very beginning, Indians lived in much of the United States, including Florida. The Florida Keys is where the Tequesta Indians called home, but they lost their land after Spanish conquistadors took over in 1513. Spain took hold of Florida and controlled it for roughly 250 years. However, they battled for that claim with the British and the Indians that led to the Seminole Wars.

The Wars

The biggest notch in the property development history in Miami, Florida came with the Seminole Wars. There were two, but the first was the longest Indian war. It was also the bloodiest of all the Indian wars in the United States. The British took on the Seminole Indians again in 1842 and finally the United States Army took on the clan in 1855 for the third Seminole War. The third war pushed the Seminoles completely out of Miami.

The City Begins to Develop

In 1896, the property development in Miami, Florida finally began. Communities were still small but a few residents helped to bolster the city. Julia Tuttle purchased Fort Dallas knowing that the city had great potential. Mary Brickell and Henry Flagler helped develop the cities and resorts, including West Palm Beach. Flagler is also the one who developed the Royal Palm Hotel that was five stories tall and had over 400 rooms.

However, it wasn’t easy for Miami. On December 26, 1896, a fire destroyed many of the businesses and two years later, a war threatened many of the residents. In 1899, residents were quarantined to safe housing areas due to the yellow fever. Miami did not let this take them though. The city kept rebuilding and growing stronger than the year before.

When the Everglades draining began in 1906, the property development of Miami, Florida took off. Millions of acres were now for sale causing the population to soar in the early 1900’s. Tourists and residents began flooding the area and in 1911, the first flight took place.

Miami Today

Over the last 100 years, Miami has seen controversy and the site of many scuffles. It is beautiful and brings ideal temperatures for tourists. However, it is still a city by the ocean, causing immigrants to flock for shelter. Today the property development in Miami, Florida brings high prices. Homes and apartments are higher than most places, but they come with conveniences you cannot find elsewhere. There are nearly 375 thousand residents in the city, and the demographics are great. You will find the city as a melting pot for culture and it hold paramount significance when it comes to the rest of the United States. It is where trades are made and people seek refuge from the tyranny in other countries.

While many fear that the rising sea levels and climate changes would completely destroy the city, the locals are not scared away. Real estate construction is surging and it does not appear to have plans of slowing. The apartments, condominiums, homes, and villas that are available to rent or purchase are going for luxurious prices. It is believed that because of the property development history in Miami, Florida has overcome so many obstacles, has kept the economy strong, allowing the city to research methods to keep the city from becoming the next Atlantis.

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