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Common Sense Is The Rarest of Senses!

A Code of Working Practice, Bulgarian Tradesmen:

When you are project managing a renovation project in Bulgaria it can be frustrating.  There is no point tearing your hair out if work practices and standards here are different to those you expected. It is a case of managing expectations from both sides to minimise the chance of conflict and maximise the chance of on-time, on-quality, on-price delivery of the works.

You may have assumed expectations that are tacit but not explicit so why not make things clear from the start as to what standards you expect your workers to comply with on site. At the very least then when you do blow your top they know why and you can point out where the failure to satisfy your requirements as client/project manager has occurred.

I was mulling this over and drew-up a very simple, short Code of Practice and decided to post it here on the Blog, in the hope that it might inspire others to avoid common socio-linguistic and cultural pitfalls on-site?  So stop culture clash and get a working code of practice so everyone knows where they stand and what is expected of them!

Why not take my lead and draw up your own Code of Practice with your priorities and expectations on site (this is only an example) ...maybe it could sound a little Utopian to those of you with bitter experience of running small construction projects here in Bulgaria but why not give it a try, you have all to gain and nothing to lose! ...indeed one might add that if they are not willing to accept such basic principles then you can weed out those builders that are not going to be good for you, before engaging them.

Success or failure is in your hands forget 'hard skills' take a step back and refocus on the soft skills!  Get the communication right and you'll have a much better outcome and a better working atmosphere on site!

Code of practice:

  1. 1. Listen to instructions. Don’t interrupt.
  2. Ask when you don’t understand.
  3. Be ready to learn new techniques.
  4. Communicate and plan schedule for deadlines. Be ready to prioritize work if urgent.
  5. Don’t always ask what materials, make suggestion. Buy your own materials.
  6. Bring correct tools to site.
  7. Mask all areas. Clean up after work.
  8. Don’t complain if you accept a job.  Have pro-active attitude. Maintain highest standard of work at all times.

Sofia Casa

James Flint

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James Flint

James Flint

Director & Owner of Real Estate service SofiaCasa, JamesFlint (BA Hons., MA, MSc) is based in the Bulgarian capital full time.

Having worked hard to invest wisely & understanding local business culture in Bulgaria, James’s inside knowledge & expertise regularly helps clients with their property investments in Sofia where he provides facilities & property management, project management, refurbishment & interior design.


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