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Fez Tá Pronto

Fez ta Pronto

A radical transformation in the global housing industry, the Fez Tá Pronto Construction System© uses a unique patented gypsum plaster block to bring unprecedented luxury, environmentally friendly and fully technical standards for housing at the base of the pyramid.

Whilst estimates are varied and often unpredictable, the number of urban slums and other forms of sub-standard habitation remains undeniably high – particularly in developing countries.

However, the notion of completely eliminating and replacing such housing with a luxury quality yet fully affordable end product is deemed as out of touch with practical reality by even the most ambitious constructors, governments, financial institutions, non for profit and private sector organisations.

Much of this thought-process is owed to a lack of genuine solutions which tackle the complex network of technical demands required to create sustainable low income housing units that can be used as mortgage finance security. Added to this is the challenge of producing a housing initiative that is scalable, ecologically respectful and financially accessible to the end market: 60 percent of the world’s population located at the base of the social pyramid.

The Fez Tá Pronto Construction System brings the fundamental and definitive historical paradigm shift in the global low income housing industry. Created in Brazil, the programme uses an internationally patented gypsum plaster block within a copyrighted and revolutionary home building methodology.

Our housing is a high spec, environmentally friendly and affordably viable solution to the global affordable housing shortage which also creates a wide range of employment and income opportunities. Literally translated from Brazilian Portuguese as being ‘Done and Ready’, the Fez Tá Pronto Construction System functions semi-industrially which enables us to build at an unprecedented pace with zero compromise on the provision of dignified housing using the very best materials and techniques.

Previous projects undertaken in the state of Rio de Janeiro since 2005 using the Fez Tá Pronto Construction System have been approved and mortgage financed by the prominent lenders in Brazil including Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco Itaú, Banco do Brasil and the Banco Real (now merged with Santander). We welcome you to spend some time reviewing the various aspects and characteristics of the programme by downloading the information pack below.

Fez ta Pronto

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