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Portfolio Property Secrets

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Portfolio Property Secrets

Do you want to escape from work and be outrageously rich at the same time?

Of course you do - we all do! But - guess what - it doesn't have to be a pipe dream!

YOU really can be fabulously wealthy and retired! Thousands of people are achieving this dream all the time.

For instance, by the time you've read this page, one more person will have become a net property millionaire for the first time!

Did you know, every single day, 161 ordinary people become property millionaires?

That's owning over £1,000,000's worth of property AFTER all mortgage and debt costs.

Mind-blowing, isn't it!

So what is stopping YOU joining the new property millionaires?

You see, the good news is that YOU TOO have the potential to leave behind the drudgery of life and become a property millionaire!

So, you might ask, making money from bricks and mortar is easy, right?

Err, sorry to disappoint, you, but - wrong!

Portfolio property investment - like any other form of investment - is a skill, which can be learned one of two ways - the hard way (through your own mistakes) or learning from someone else's experience (from their mistakes).

Build your property portfolio right, and you have the financial freedom to live your dreams!

Do it wrong, and not only could you lose money, you could become bankrupt and lose everything.

Here are some figures to blow your mind:

  • Property millionaires have been created at the rate of more than 58,000 a year since 2001!
  • By 2010, there will be around three quarters of a million millionaires through rises in property prices!
  • And, by 2020 the number of millionaires will reach 1.9m!

Source: The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR)

And YOU could be one of them too!

OK, I like this, I hear you say - I like this A LOT! BUT...

How can a property portfolio make me rich AND idle?


Imagine this:

  • You own a property portfolio worth £1,000,000.
  • Your rental income is (at 6%) £60,000 per year
  • But your mortgage costs (at 5.5%) are £44,000

Therefore, your borrowings are £800,000.

In this scenario, your rental income is slightly above your mortgage costs, so after you've paid for the up keep of the properties, letting agents, insurance, etc... your net rental income will be £0!

Therefore you make £0 per year - not exactly a retirement income, right?


You've forgotten that each year, the value of the portfolio will have risen as the price of property rises.

Therefore, you will have made the following:

  • Average property price rises @ 5% - then you make £50,000 per year!
  • If property price rises are @ 10% - then you'll make £100,000 per year!

All you need to do is remortgage one of the properties and then take the money and stick it into your bank account!

And, because you've simply remortgaged the property, you can take the money tax-free!

So, a £50,000 post tax income is equivalent to perhaps a £80,000 pre tax income!

If you are not ready to retire yet, you simply let your portfolio grow.

If you are ready to put your feet up, the question is can you live on £50,000 tax free per year?

If you need twice as much before you retire, you'll just need to build a portfolio worth twice as much!

And remember, your part of the equity in this equation is only £200,000.

And if you are smart, and read and implement the ideas in Portfolio Property Secrets, you'll be able to build up that equity stake from a base of £10 or £20,000.

That's all. And that's why anyone can build a property portfolio.

That's why portfolio building is a remarkable way for people of all walks of life to build a substantial retirement income - for life!

So, you ask, what is the draw back?

Well, the draw back in building a portfolio of properties is that there are risks. Risks that you'll choose the wrong property, risks that you'll take on too much debt, risks that you'll invest too quickly in the 'wrong' type of property.

You see, the thing about property investment is that you can probably fund one poor investment until it eventually turns out right. (I have a friend who made money on a flat that she bought in 1989 - for years it was in negative equity, but recently she sold it and doubled her money!).

But, when you start to build a portfolio, everything gets magnified.

The size of the mortgage is magnified, the risks are magnified, the set up costs and set up work are all magnified too.

Therefore, careful and considered management is key if you are going to be successful.

Yes, it is true that you could make a million pounds in property in a year and yes, some people have done, but they took huge risks to achieve it!

If you wish, you can apply the strategies of Portfolio Property Secrets to achieve very rapid success, but ONLY if you are willing to take very large risks.

I personally do not take this approach, and I'd advise you to use a little caution too.

Having said that, the principles in this book are the same in both cases. It is just that you need to understand what you want to achieve and what you are willing to do to get it, before you can really start to manage your investments so that they give you what you want.

And that is what Portfolio Property Secrets is all about... you the power over your investments so that you can build a portfolio and residual income of however much (or little) you want!

The key is to understand the risks in both cases and to understand how you can manage and reduce those risks whilst at the same time, ensure you have a growing asset.

With Portfolio Property Secrets, you will be much more able to handle and assess both the huge and fantastic opportunities in property investment as well as balance off the risks.

We'll show you how to:

  • get started with your first property - the trick is to start as a developer
  • build your portfolio from one or two properties to 5 or 10 units - this is the stage of moving from amateur to semi-professional
  • take a large portfolio and manage it for growth - here you need to understand average cashflow, profit and loss and treat your portfolio like a business
  • earn £30k, £60k or a £100k or more a year - without lifting a finger!
  • increase the yield in your portfolio - an important skill in today's climate
  • build a property portfolio - from scratch with very little finance!
  • use the strategies that professional property millionaires employ to minimise any risk to your investment - we've got detailed case studies from multi-millionaire portfolio investors so you can learn from their mistakes
  • utilise your passive income to protect your - and your family's - financial future

Wow! You say I really can have the sort of lifestyle I've always dreamt of! But...

...hold on - if making big bucks from property investment is so easy, why isn't everyone doing it?

As we said before, property investment is a skill, and managing a portfolio of properties requires even greater skill.

Many people try their hand at property investment, and sadly, they fail, due to lack of knowledge and/or experience.

With one or two investment properties if something goes wrong, you still have an income to fall back on.

Having a portfolio of properties requires is a completely different ball game - if it goes wrong, you stand the chance of losing everything. However, there are hundreds of thousands of people who have got it right and live very comfortably indeed off the earnings from their portfolio.

And YOU TOO could be one of them!

The beauty of Portfolio Property Secrets is that you use the hard won experience of our property experts to suit your own particular circumstances, whether you want to be a property millionaire or simply want a back up to your pension or your loved ones' financial future.

You really cannot lose! The advice in this book will help you whether you want to build a mini portfolio or a huge multi-million pound portfolio!

You see, it's not just about being a property millionaire - building a property portfolio can protect your financial future - however you envisage it!

For example, imagine an income stream in place for your loved ones that doesn't rely on you being present and correct five days a week? Supposing you fall ill and are unable to return to work for a few months, a few years, or never?

While insurance protection policies may help cover the bills (if you have a policy), you'll never have the chance to make more money, unlike growing property assets, which can give you an income AND capital growth.

Or how about this? Imagine an income stream that continues well into your retirement, reducing your reliance on the state pension scheme, or a work pension that may not turn out to be as much as you hoped?

With a portfolio, if you set up your properties as managed investments, your properties will keep on making you money and increasing in value - and you won't even need to lift a finger.

It's knowing the strategies and tactics that successful property investors use to build and maintain their portfolio of properties - and Portfolio Property Secrets will share these secrets with you.

So, who is Portfolio Property Secrets for?

  • First time investors - anyone looking to invest in property for the first time - although we will refer you to other Property Secrets titles to help you get started
  • Investors who already have a mini portfolio and wish to expand it - you might have a couple of properties are trying to figure out how to move to the next level
  • Anyone looking at property investment as an alternative to traditional savings methods
  • Existing large portfolio owners who are looking for help or advice on current properties or are considering purchasing additional properties
  • Overseas or expatriate investors looking to make money in the UK property market or keep a foothold in the UK

Please note that long term property investment, like all investments, is a serious business. It does require effort and your attention. And managing a portfolio of properties will require commitment, but it needn't be a full time job - if you set it up right in the first place!

Property Portfolio Secrets
will show you how to make educated decisions on starting and growing your portfolio. We'll show you the pitfalls to avoid and the tricks that millionaires use. That way you will be well on the road to becoming a self-made millionaire!

In the last twelve months, I have gone from living in rented accommodation to becoming a landlord myself! I now have a mini portfolio of three properties and am looking to expand over the next year or so. Within three short years I expect to give up work full time and live solely off the income from my properties!

Here's what our customers say about Portfolio Property Secrets...

"6 years ago, I was in a steadily-paid, but boring job. I'd get home from the office late every night and had little time for my wife, children or for myself. I dreamt of retiring on my modest pension and having more time.

By chance I met up with Damon Leigh (author of Property Portfolio Secrets) and our paths crossed over the next few months. A self-made property investor/developer, Damon's life was one of holidays, quality time spent with his family, and, most importantly, freedom from financial worry.

He explained the secrets of his success - his portfolio of properties - and shared his insider knowledge with me, giving me tips, advice and food for thought.

Today I own 12 properties and work for no-one. I play golf, have lots of family time, three or four holidays a year...and, my wife loves her brand new sports car!

I am so pleased that Damon has finally written this book - it'll help other people escape the rat race, like me, and, by employing Damon's strategies, with little risk."

Max C., Northampton

"Thank you Portfolio Property Secrets! Without this book I'd still be paying someone else money to live in their property and not the other way around!"
L. Sarcat, Cornwall