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Buy-to-Let Investments - Getting it Right Buy-to-Let Investments - Getting it Right
A step by step guide to buying buy to let property and what to avoid and what needs to be done to make an investment a positive profit-making asset Published: 1st Apr 2014
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Corfu connection - How to land a property investment bargain in paradise
Property investor and traveller Paul Harris describes his travails AND his success in finding an investment bargain on the holiday island of Corfu. He also has some useful tips for fellow investors.
Published: 18th Sep 2006
Tags: Property Portfolio, Property Development, Greece Property, Property Investment
Managing Builders and Project Managers – How to get it right!
If you undertake a building project, it’s all too easy to get into difficulties. Here are some of the key pitfalls and how to avoid them…
Published: 23rd Aug 2006
Tags: Self Build, UK Property, Renovation, Property Development
Love thy neighbour – well, at least keep in with them – especially if you're getting the builders in!
Having building work done on your investment property can be an obvious cause of stress with the neighbours – so, make sure you play by the rules!
Published: 8th Aug 2006
Tags: Property Development, UK Property, Landlord Advice
The Costa of over development?
A lengthy study by the pressure group Greenpeace highlights what it describes as uncontrolled development on the ‘defenceless’ Spanish costas – what does this mean for property prices?
Published: 13th Jul 2006
Tags: Property Development, Spain Property
Raising Energy Levels – All properties sold next year will need to be rated for energy efficiency
All properties in England and Wales sold from June 2007 must be given energy efficiency rankings – here’s what it means for buy to let landlords ...
Published: 26th Jun 2006
Tags: Property Development, Landlord Advice, Property Investment, Buy To Let
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