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Interest Rates Cut By Bank of England Interest Rates Cut By Bank of England
The news that interest rate cuts have been introduced by the Bank of England today is good news for the property sector. Published: 4th Aug 2016
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Landbanking Lowdown Landbanking Lowdown
'Landbanking' offers are still doing the rounds. The sales pitch is that land without planning permission will rocket in price if permission is given to develop it. 'If' is the key to success or failure.
Published: 2nd Apr 2012
Tags: Property Investment, Land Banking, Property Development, UK Property
Why Property - How I Build My Portfolio Why Property - How I Build My Portfolio
Welsh Property Sourcer Daniel Morgan explains why he chooses property and just what he looks for when suitably building his portfolio.
Published: 20th Mar 2012
Tags: Renovation, Wales Property, Portfolio Building, UK Property
New for Old! The End of the Renewals Allowance New for Old! The End of the Renewals Allowance
The tax legislation provides for a deduction for the cost of renewing "trade tools"
Published: 13th Mar 2012
Tags: Property Tax, Renovation, Landlord Advice, Property Development
Common Mistakes to Avoid at Auction Common Mistakes to Avoid at Auction
Auctions are promoted as offering below-market bargains. And, often, they do, if you know what you are doing. But auctions are not for the naïve. These are some of the most common, and avoidable, mistakes.
Published: 27th Feb 2012
Tags: Property Investment, UK Property, Property Auction, Property Development
Property Development Issues Property Development Issues
There are a wide range of tax issues to consider when developing properties. Here we touch on just a few of them...
Published: 1st Jun 2011
Tags: Capital Gains Tax, Property Development, VAT
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