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Buy-to-Let Investments - Getting it Right Buy-to-Let Investments - Getting it Right
A step by step guide to buying buy to let property and what to avoid and what needs to be done to make an investment a positive profit-making asset Published: 1st Apr 2014
Tags: Property Investment, UK Property, Landlord Advice, Renting Property

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Flip flops? Is it still a good idea to buy and sell before completion?
Buying to flip - selling your property before you have to pay the full price can work well in a rapidly rising market. How about in the UK now?
Published: 24th Mar 2006
Tags: Property Development, Property Investment, Buy To Let, UK Property
Euro rates are up again - the question is: just how high will they go?
The European Central Bank this week raised base rates by a quarter point - does this signal a more aggressive ECB and more rate rises?
Published: 3rd Mar 2006
Tags: Property Investment, Property Portfolio, Property Development, Poland Property
Investor Focus - Mixed Use Portfolios
Sipping Pretty - Why I love mixed-use portfolios
Published: 7th Feb 2006
Tags: Buy To Let, Property Portfolio, UK Property, Property Development
New rules on health and safety for landlords could affect YOU!
Health and safety rules are due for a shake up in April - and they're about to get a lot tougher. Here's what you should know...
Published: 25th Jan 2006
Tags: Landlord Advice, Property Development, Property Investment, Buy To Let
Ten year building warranties - how to make them work to your advantage
If you end up with a house of flaws, there is a secret to making the 10-year defects guarantee work to your advantage
Published: 13th Jan 2006
Tags: Property Investment, Property Development, Buy To Let, UK Property
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